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    and this is me reminding the rest of the world that the sf giants are still the world champions =]
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    This just isn’t fair.
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    Well we all know the reason he signed with philadelphia….. its because of the $$$ also its always sunny in philadelphia.
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    ^^^ This is me dealing with having wanted to see Cliff stay with the Rangers and also saying SUCK IT EXPERTS.
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    Wasn’t he already on the Phillies? Like in a trade type situation?
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    Oh my shit
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    Not gonna lie, this is fucking scary. BUT CODY ROSS AIN’T HAVING ANY OF IT. When’s Cody Ross bobblehead giveaway in...
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    Will anyone even bother showing up now? I regret saying I didn’t want to hear anymore about Cliff unless he signed due...
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    Well, the Braves are officially fucked. As is the rest of the NL East.
  15. verysherry said: NO!!! He was supposed to stay here in Texas :(
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    I kind of just want to cry now. Just when my Bravos were getting back on their feet…
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    And Cody Ross laughs in the face of the Phillies’ rotation.
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